Custom Machinery

Doel Engineering Ltd pride themselves on their ability to design and manufacture special purpose custom machinery of the highest quality to automate almost any task.

We have designed and manufactured custom machinery for many diverse applications including:

 • Automotive Fuse Assembling Machine
 • Dental X-Ray Pouch Machine
 • Drying Systems
 • Disposable Camera Assembly Machine
 • Hot Foil Printing Systems
 • Industrial Guillotines
 • Inspection Equipment
 • Laminating Machine
 • Laminated Warning Tapes with Tracer Wires
 • Magnetic Striping Machine
 • Pick and Place Machines
 • Plant Harvesters
 • Precious Metal Recovering Units
 • Sensitometer
 • Shock Absorber Bush Assembly Machine
 • Welded Plastic Sleeve and Pouch Products

Custom Machinery

We use all the available engineering technologies (electrical, mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic) to support our Computer Aided Design of Custom Machinery.

Doel Engineering Ltd's Custom Machines have an HMI interface where necessary. The HMI software is programmed in-house and therefore can be designed to suit customers individual needs.
A net link is available enabling Doel Engineering Ltd's technicians to diagnose / solve almost all electrical control problems by remotely viewing the software, this also allows us to assist with any specification changes and operator training. This is obviously a huge advantage, especially to international customers.

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