Pocket Machine

Doel Engineering Ltd's Pocket Machine

Our range of Pocket Machines automatically produces polyester pockets and sleeves (binder, archival storage, presentation, portfolio etc) to a custom size; from, approx, 50mm x 50mm up to 1000mm x 1000mm.

A Doel Engineering Pocket Machine is HMI controlled, for ease of use, and typically consists of:
    • Welded Steel box frame
    • Steel flamecut side-plates
    • Multiple unwinds; individually driven to attain required tensions
    • Slitting
    • Trim Rewinding
    • In-line (edge) welding
    • Printing
    • Hole Punching
    • Scissor action cross cutting
    • Cross (end) welding
    • Band Welding
    • Automated pick and place system

A Doel Pocket Machine takes multiple rolls of Polyester then welds, slits, punches, prints and cuts them to an operator entered configuration and size.

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