Unwind and Rewind

Doel Engineering Limited offer shaftless or shafted unwind and rewind stands.

We have over 25 years experience manufacturing custom stands for the web converting trade; from medical products to photographic paper. Reel stands can be cantilevered or between chucks dependent on size and weight.

Unwind and Rewind

Stands may be single, multiple or turnover to suit any environment; flameproof, clean area or standard.

Joining options offered are manual, semi-automatic and automatic butt tape splice with magazine for continuous process machines.

Reels over 25kg (50lbs) can be automatically raised from floor or trolley by hydraulic or motorised lift.

Air shafts and chucks; mechanical chucks and/or safety chucks, are incorporated into the design as required by the application.

Motive power on our unwind stands is by either pneumatic braking or electric braking.

Motive power on our rewind stands is by either electric motor or air motor.

The unwind and rewind tension control is by either manual adjustment or closed loop electronic control using strain sensors and/or circumference sensing techniques.

Turret Unwind and Rewind

Doel Engineering Limited can also offer Turret unwind/rewind stands.

Turret Unwind and Rewind

Turret unwind/rewind stands offer the following advantages:

    • Easy roll changes
    • Flying splice for continuous machine operation during roll change
    • Edge or line guiding

Turret unwind/rewind stands can be ordered as a part of a new line or integrated into existing processes.

Click here to view a Turret Unwind with Flying Splice
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