Washing Machines

Doel Engineering Ltd offer a range of automated component washing and drying machines.

These machines can be incorporated into an existing manufacturing / packaging line, or operated as a standalone unit.

We have designed and manufactured numerous specialised turret and tunnel washing and drying systems for the cleansing and decontamination, including swarf removal, of a variety of components.

Washing Machines

All of our washing and drying systems are controlled by a PLC, which enables us to program a specific cleaning cycle for each individual component.
For example: Holes can be totally washed out by using controlled short bursts of the cleaning solution, and the whole component can be cleansed by using a longer overall spray.

All of the jets used in our washing and drying systems are individually adjustable for optimal positioning to ensure complete decontamination of every component.

The washing machines are fitted with a suitable filtration system to ensure the cleaning solution is free from contaminants before it is in contact with each component.

The cleaning solution, its temperature and the air drying temperature are each governed by the specific component requirements as detailed by the customer.

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