Sheeters, Sheeting Machines & Web Converting Machines

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Doel Engineering Ltd specialise in the design and manufacture of custom sheeters, sheeting machines and web converting machines; incorporating rotary sheeting or intermediate sheeting.

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Doel Engineering Ltd have designed and manufactured sheeters, sheeting machines and web converting machines to convert most non-wovens from a roll into sheet form, materials including:

 • Absorbent Products
 • Felt
 • Films
 • Foam
 • Inkjet Paper
 • Laser Paper
 • Paint-brush Pads
 • Photographic Products
 • Polyester
 • PVC
 • Tissue Backed Products

Sheeting machines and Sheeters

A Doel Engineering Ltd sheeter, sheeting machine or web converting machine will be HMI controlled. The software is programmed in-house and therefore can be designed to suit every customers individual needs.

Sheeting Machines and Sheeters

Through a net link our technicians can diagnose and solve almost all electrical control problems and assist with any specification changes.

Sheeting Machines and Sheeters

Doel Engineering Ltd can also integrate numerous additions into any sheeting line (sheeter, sheeting machine or web converting machine), including:

 • Automatic or Semi-automatic slitting positioning
 • Collation direct into trays or shell boxes
 • Cut to register
 • Drying oven
 • Edge taping units
 • Gluing units

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